Disfear - Live the Storm (CD)

Disfear - Live the Storm (CD)

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Latest album from the Swedish d-beat group featuring Uffe Cederlund (ENTOMBED and NIHILIST) on guitar and Tomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES) on vocals. The sound verges on hardcore punk, with a thick studio production from Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE). NIHILIST / early ENTOMBED fans should check the band out, it must have been inevitable one member would want to eventually make a purely DISCHARGE-inspired album!


Track listing

  1. Get It Off
  2. Fiery Father
  3. Deadweight
  4. The Cage
  5. The Furnace
  6. Live the Storm
  7. Testament
  8. In Exodus
  9. Maps of War
  10. Phantom