Dismember - Complete Demos (LP)

Dismember - Complete Demos (LP)

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First time on vinyl! Early Swedish Death Metal band, their 1991 debut Like an Ever Flowing Stream is an absolute classic!! Collection of all three demos released prior to Flowing Stream 88-90!


Track listing

  1. Deathevokation
  2. Substantually Dead
  3. Defective Decay
  4. Deranged from Blood
  5. Blasphemies of the Flesh
  6. Selfdissection
  7. Intro / Dismembered
  8. Sickening Art
  9. Defective Decay


...even if they have production and performance flaws, they're still the first steps towards some of the greatest old school death metal ever written. If you like Swedish death metal, then you cannot go wrong with COMPLETE DEMOS. I was gonna rate this as excellent but fuck it, the 3 demos presented here are some of the best demos ever and should be recognized as such... ESSENTIAL! - 5/5