Divanity - Divanity (Cassette)

Divanity - Divanity (Cassette)

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Collects two demos previously available on limited CDr.

Leaden offers, for the price of a quarter hour of your life, an alternative take on misanthropy and distrust, detachment and miscommunicationin the form of doom laden music. It's rough. It's dirty. It's minimalistic and claustrophobic in delivery. You were warned.

This release is what you have when you mix the horror movie scenario, reaction to the worst human scum and mild insanity. Three related bands provide material for one lengthy track - a cauldron of mournful noise, dissonant sludge, and stripped down to the basic hateful doom. DIVANITY, LIFEMARE and THE KNELL welcome you to the mass burial on Seven Bodies in One Grave.


Track listing

  1. Seven Bodies in One Grave Part I
  2. Seven Bodies in One Grave Part II
  3. Leaden
  4. The Last Ritual