Djerv - Djerv (CD)

Djerv - Djerv (CD)

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Spawn out of TRELLDOM, ANIMAL ALPHA and STONEGARD they pull strings from their previous bands, but DJERV is still something new. It sounds different. It's aggressive rock, borderline metal and dangerously catchy. Yet wrapped in a blackmetal veil? Genres melt together as never before these days, and so seems to be the case with DJERV as well.

Lineup includes Agnete Kjølsrud (ANIMAL ALPHA, DIMMU BORGIR), Erlend Gjerde (STONEGARD) and Stian Kårstad (TRELLDOM, GOD SEED, NIDINGR).


Track listing

  1. Madman
  2. The Boling Pin
  3. Headstone
  4. Gruesome Twosome
  5. Only I Exist
  6. Ladder to the Moon
  7. Abmuse
  8. Blind the Heat
  9. Immortal


The term "black n roll" seems to be applied to a lot of black metal bands who went melodic. It seems more appropriate to apply it to a band like Djerv; a true rock n roll band with a distinct taste for black metal guitar tones. Just wonderful. - 4/5