Dodheimsgard - Satanic Art (2018 Reissue) (CD)

Dodheimsgard - Satanic Art (2018 Reissue) (CD)

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One of the visionaries of the mid-1990’s Norwegian black metal evolution, DHG are widely hailed as masters of dark and psychotic psychedelic-tinged extremity. Satanic Art is considered a significant turning point for the band, as the compositions became less traditional in their structure and delivery, and became more abstract and twisted. This edition of Satanic Art includes two bonus tracks, "Black Treasure" and an alternate rendition of "Symptom".


Track listing

  1. Oneiroscope
  2. Traces of Reality
  3. Symptom
  4. The Paramount Empire
  5. Wrapped in Plastic
  6. Black Treasure
  7. Symptom (Alternate Version)


Dodheimsgard is one of the most obscure, innovative and artistic acts that ever came out of Norway and there's no-one that can deny it, I guess. Black metal is what Dodheimsgard offer, but it is being expressed through a quite avant-garde and extremely artistic musical prism, evoking soundscapes that only they know how to achieve! - 5/5