Dodsfall - Den svarte skogen (Cassette) Dodsfall - Den svarte skogen (Cassette)

Dodsfall - Den svarte skogen (Cassette)

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Pro tape edition of DODSFALL's debut album.

The new masterpiece of this black metal combo delivers "Den Svarte Skogen". With their new album DODSFALL takes a step into the elite of black metal worldwide. They combine the old school black metal vibe of the early 90's with rawness and freshness missed nowdays by many. "Den Svarte Skogen" is a tribute to darkness and Satan and represents what DODSFALL ia all about... misanthrophy!


Track listing

  1. Dodsfall
  2. Offer Natt
  3. All Makt I Satans Navn
  4. Svarte Vinger
  5. I Helvete Er Vi Dypt Savnet
  6. Den Falt
  7. Hat
  8. Alt Er Slutt


Dodsfall manage (although they aren't the only band who achieved this) to revive the true norwegian black metal and so the old days. With the old days, they revived the old problem as well: There is some monotony (which is weakened through those mentioned special effects). The production is surprisingly well done, although there is the rawness they wanted. Den Svarte Skogen surely is a well done debut record, although it contains some minor flaws. So they accomplished their quest! - 5/5