Dodsfall - Kronet i svart eld (CD)

Dodsfall - Kronet i svart eld (CD)

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Unholy black metal.


Track listing

  1. I skuggans famn
  2. Av død skal du herske
  3. Mørkrets sirkel
  4. Inn i fjellets dypeste dyp
  5. Gal tjener


...a quality release by a band trying to reincarnate the sounds of the early nineties. While Dodsfall does not reinvent the wheel, or even bring anything new to the table at all, it is an enjoyable listen. The short length of this release keeps it from wearing out its welcome. Dodsfall may be trying to rekindle the flames of the glory days, but the band sounds the most convincing when the thrash elements are incorporated. - 4/5