Dragged into Sunlight - Widowmaker (Digisleeve CD)

Dragged into Sunlight - Widowmaker (Digisleeve CD)

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Widowmaker is one 40 minute recording and like every snake sheds its skin, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT as an entity has many different skins to shed. Widowmaker demonstrates a newer flesh for DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT. It is still loud, it is still heavy, it is still extreme, however, it draws from an entirely different pool of influences. Bands such as RAMESSES, ELECTRIC WIZARD, OM, CATTLE DECAPITATION and DISEMBOWELMENT.

The punishing second album from the UK doom-metal extremists. 40 minutes of sonic nihilism.


Track listing

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III


Without shadow of doubt one of the most extreme British metal acts to walk this Earth. Was it worth the wait? Damn right it was worth it. - 5/5