Draugen - Among the Lonely Shades (CD)

Draugen - Among the Lonely Shades (CD)

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After 10 years of activity, DRAUGEN delivers their first album. It combines the efficiency of a black metal sometimes old-school and fast with melodic and captivating atmospheres!


Track listing

  1. Der Welschenberg wird mein Grab
  2. Totenkammer
  3. Wolves Howl Again
  4. Vielleicht besteht nichts
  5. Time of Sadness Is Coming
  6. Alone in the Land of Frost
  7. Über kalte Flüsse und schneebedeckte Wälder
  8. Forgotten Times


Unlike many of their compatriots Draugen doesn't play ultra-disturbing dissonant black metal but rather are not unlike Shining. So that means melancholic riffs, acoustic interludes and lengthy compositions - 4/5