Drawn and Quartered - Feeding Hell's Furnace (CD)

Drawn and Quartered - Feeding Hell's Furnace (CD)

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New album of this amazing American band that has been inexplicably overseen until now. expect one of the best blasphemous darkened death metal albums that you've heard in the past decade, blowing away with ease all their past efforts and the greatest majority of today's generic and over-hyped death metal bands. Prepare to be initiated to DRAWN AND QUARTERED's suffocating darkness!


Track listing

  1. Stabwound Invocation
  2. Feeding Hell's Furnace
  3. A World in Ashes
  4. Mutilated Offerings
  5. Lustmorder
  6. Horde of Leviathan
  7. Gravescape
  8. Cryptic Consecrations
  9. No Absolution


If you consider yourself as one of the American death metal fan, especially for the classic death metal sound, then you have to own this album and start to sink inside every track and enjoy the sickness of the performance. Though this record reminded me of some acts like the Australian death metal band Ignivomous and the Greek death metal band "Dead Congregation", but somehow this record has more mature sound and better performance full of fury and gloomy feelings. If you are sick of the modern melodic death bands that try to bury the real classic sound of the death metal, then you must buy a copy for this album now and start this disease. - 4/5