Drawn from Ichor - A Chalice of Absolute Nothing (Digipak CD-R)

Drawn from Ichor - A Chalice of Absolute Nothing (Digipak CD-R)

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DRAWN FROM ICHOR present their second album! 29 short (all sub 2 minutes) tracks. The band continue to create varied work, all distinctly angular, often atonal. Thrash, death, grindcore, power violence; drawing influence from bands like ASSUCK and FALLEN CHRIST.


Track listing

  1. Claws and 1000 Eyes
  2. Fragile Neo-Gods
  3. A Chalice of Absolute Nothing
  4. Accept Error
  5. Dispatch the Lost
  6. Scrape the Code
  7. Future Slum
  8. Dying Village
  9. Crawling Vision
  10. Double Helix Lord
  11. Fooled by a Vision of Light
  12. End Time for Choice
  13. Turn in the Cloak
  14. Will Divided
  15. Warring Orders
  16. Sinking Estates
  17. Profit and Prophet
  18. Polypus Perversions
  19. President of Monolith
  20. Biblio-arc
  21. Tracing
  22. Mono World - Mono Life
  23. The Melting Element
  24. Foul Run Free
  25. The Beast Not Yet Known
  26. Understanding Parasite
  27. Is Dna God
  28. New Law to Decode
  29. The Past as Fiction