Driller Killer - Reality Bites (2021 Reissue) (CD)

Driller Killer - Reality Bites (2021 Reissue) (CD)

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DRILLER KILLER was a Swedish extreme metal band. They were formed in 1993 in Malmö (Sweden). They got signed to Osmose Productions and have released seven full-length albums, and a variety of split releases to date. Their style has been described as heavy punk, hardcore punk, crust, or D-beat. They are also strongly influenced by the sound of DISCHARGE. DRILLER KILLER was one of the first bands to implement death metal sound into a crust punk formula. The popularity of the crust punk and death metal fusion cemented when Osmose Productions created the Kron-H imprint for the main purpose of signing DRILLER KILLER, DISFEAR, LOUD PIPES and DELLAMORTE.


Track listing

  1. Scream Suffer Die
  2. God Forgives
  3. ... The Phanatix
  4. Count Me Out
  5. Where the Sun Never Shines
  6. Mad Bad n' Pissed
  7. No Reason to Quit
  8. The Scum That Rules
  9. From One Hell to Another
  10. Rise Above (Black Flag cover)
  11. Cash Flow Zero
  12. Doomed From the Start
  13. Fear Today Gun Tomorrow
  14. Don't Point