Drowning the Light - Catacombs of Blood (CD)

Drowning the Light - Catacombs of Blood (CD)

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From the depths of Oceania comes the newest curse of cruel, melancholic and majestic Black Metal from Drowning the Light.
In the spirit and true essence of the past, "Catacombs of Blood" is a journey through utter blackness & despair, transcending through spheres of negative energy & reflecting murderous, predatory instincts.
Over 50 minutes of sorrow & hate, tearing asunder the illusion & revealing the beast inside.
It calls to that which stires beneath the soil & emanates beyond the galaxies.
Part of the OAA cult.


Track listing

  1. Fragmented & Unrealisable
  2. As Plague upon the Sheep (Poison in Redemption)
  3. Torn Away by the Shadows
  4. Entrance to Illumination
  5. Autumn Mourning
  6. ...Such Cruelty Never Rests
  7. Burial in the Rain
  8. Pact of the Black Templars
  9. Eyes of Onyx (Carrion for the Worms)
  10. This Darkest Hour
  11. Requiem of Honour & Glory