Drowning the Light - Oceans of Eternity (CD)

Drowning the Light - Oceans of Eternity (CD)

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Raw, melancholic, majestic & cruel Black Metal from this Australian cult. 9 hymns straight from the abyss, embracing death & the coming apocalypse!


Track listing

  1. As the Shadows at Dusk Reach Our Enemies Throats
  2. Oceans of Eternity
  3. The Cataclysmic Cycle of Renewal
  4. Oppression & Tyranny
  5. The Key Still Not Found
  6. The Lunatic Tide
  7. Drifting Away in a Sea of Sorrow (part II)
  8. The Poison Kiss
  9. The Runes Are Thrown & the Bones Are Spread (A Hymn to the Apocalypse)