Drowning the Light - The Longing (CD)

Drowning the Light - The Longing (CD)

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Compilation of three early DTL demos:
The Haunting of the Black Aristocracy (2003)
Howling Forests of Desolation (2003)
Dark Winter Depression (2003)

This is the origin of Drowning the Light, the first recordings by this underground entity that has since released numerous albums and demos during the last decade! Raw melancholic black metal!

Originally only released to close contacts, these recordings were previously released as part of the 2-disc Fallen Years in 2006.


Track listing

  1. The Longing
  2. Dark Winter Depression
  3. Drowning the Light
  4. Dawn of Blood
  5. Winds of Solitude & Despair
  6. Howling Forests of Desolation
  7. Tortured Overture
  8. Fallen at the Crossroads
  9. The Haunting of the Black Aristocracy
  10. Requiem of a Fallen Warrior