Drudkh - Estrangement (Відчуженість) (Cassette) Drudkh - Estrangement (Відчуженість) (Cassette)

Drudkh - Estrangement (Відчуженість) (Cassette)

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Formed 2002 in Kharkiv, Ukraine

We shall always be there...

Originally released in 2007, this album saw the Ukrainians return to their harsh Black Metal sound including blast beats, after the heavily Folklore inspired and partly acoustic Songs of Grief and Solitude (2006). With its clear and dark songwriting the band created an album that could nearly be called catchy, considering the genre, and even features some haunting solo parts. The lyrics on Estrangement are entirely derived from the words of the Ukrainian poet Oleh Olzhych.


Track listing

  1. Самiтня Нескiнченна Тропа (Solitary Endless Path)
  2. Небо У Наших Нiг (Skies at Our Feet)
  3. Там, Де Закiнчуються Обрiї (Where Horizons End)
  4. Тільки Вітер Пам'ятає Моє Ім'я (Only the Wind Remembers My Name)