Drudkh - Eternal Turn of the Wheel (Вічний оберт колеса) (CD)

Drudkh - Eternal Turn of the Wheel (Вічний оберт колеса) (CD)

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Drudkh have written one of the most successful underground Black Metal stories with their previous eight albums. Now "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" witnesses the Ukrainians returning to their atmospheric black roots, which are most loved by their dedicated following around the globe. Gone are the progressive elements characterising their previous release "Handful of Stars" (2010). DRUDKH's newest masterpiece owes more to their cult debut "Forgotten Legends" (2003) and the cinematic soundscapes of "Autumn Aurora" (2004) with some of the traditional influences rising on "The Swan Road" (2005). Fans of the slightly progressive "Blood in Our Wells" (2006) will also find their moments. Like the partly acoustic "Songs of Grief and Solitude" (2006) "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" offers a more melodic approach as the harsh "Estrangement" (2007) and ties in well with the widely acclaimed "Microcosmos" (2009) album. DRUDKH offer Slavonic Heathen Metal at its best and the perfect soundtrack of winter!


Track listing

  1. Вічне коло (Eternal Circle)
  2. Подих холодної чорної землі (Березень) (Breath of Cold Black Soil (March))
  3. Коли боги залишають свої смарагдові чертоги (Серпень) (When Gods Leave Their Emerald Halls (August))
  4. Прощання зі скорботними птахами осені (Жовтень) (Farewell to Autumn's Sorrowful Birds (October))
  5. Ніч зіткана зі снігу, вітрів та сивих зірок (Грудень) (Night Woven of Snow, Winds and Grey-haired Stars (December))


...convincing proof that Drudkh should stick to their guns when it comes to their stylistic approach since this is really a great record. Highly recommended! - 5/5