Drudkh - Handful of Stars (Пригорща Зірок) (CD)

Drudkh - Handful of Stars (Пригорща Зірок) (CD)

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Expectations are soaring as Pagan Black Metal legend Drudkh unleash Handful of Stars. Their eighth album once again lives up to the Ukrainians' expressed values of individualism and self-improvement. Although the band preserve their unique sound, they move into a more atmospheric and progressive direction. This ties in well with the meandering paths DRUDKH took on each new release.
As on their latest release Microcosmos (2009) and previous albums, DRUDKH delve into nature mysticism, legend and history - this time mainly inspired by the Ukrainian poets Oleksa Stefanovych and Svyatoslav Gordynskyj.


Track listing

  1. Холодні Краєвиди (Cold Landscapes)
  2. Загибель Епохи (Downfall of the Epoch)
  3. До Світла (Towards the Light)
  4. Ореол З Сутінок (Twilight Aureole)
  5. Прийде День (The Day Will Come)
  6. Слухаючи Тишу (Listening to the Silence)


It is easy to find the melody of numbers such as 'Twilight Aureole' (a Drudkh title and a half) embedding themselves in your head and massaging you in their dream laden flow. As ever this takes the listener on a musical journey and one which is both masterful and majestic. Drudkh are somewhat unique and even if they had imitators that is all they would ever be... This glistening handful of stars is pure magic. - 5/5