Drunken Bastards - Posercrusher (CD)

Drunken Bastards - Posercrusher (CD)

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Punk rockin' black fuckin' thrash killin' metal! From Hell's distillery! We are DRUNKEN BASTARDS!


Track listing

  1. Bordello Blues (Intro)
  2. Posercrusher
  3. Alcoholic Big Tits
  4. Drink with Satan!
  5. Drünken Bastards
  6. Burn Baby, Burn!
  7. A Cold Distant Battlefield
  8. The Perfect Girl
  9. Üsd a nőt! (Herma Florida cover)


Everything about this album reeks of empty beer can's, moldy garages, and four guys just sitting around listening to their old record collection. It may not be musically ambitious, or even particularly musical, but it's certainly an album that can be enjoyed while in the same mindset as the folks who performed on it; and there's nothing wrong with that, whatsoever. Just don't expect high art. - 3/5

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