Eastern Front - Blood on Snow (CD)

Eastern Front - Blood on Snow (CD)

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UK black metal, debut album.


Track listing

  1. Stalinorgel
  2. Battle of Smolensk
  3. Blood on Snow
  4. Unleash the Panzer Division
  5. Motherland
  6. Dvenadtzat kilometrov ot Moskvy
  7. At the Gates of Moscow
  8. Where Warriors Once Fell


Few bands can take the blast-laden black metal approach and force a flame of rejuvenation within. Of course, there are items that outdo "Blood on Snow" in nearly every category, but this isn't bad for a rookie effort, not at all. Black metal has seen brighter days and blacker nights, but Eastern Front still makes a head-turning dent in the genre's court. This one may surprise you. - 4/5