Eastern Front - Descent into Genocide (CD)

Eastern Front - Descent into Genocide (CD)

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UK black metal, second album.


Track listing

  1. Retribution Sky
  2. The Hanging of Faith
  3. Blitzfreeze
  4. Katyn Forest
  5. Descent into Genocide
  6. Die Reise in den Tod Pt.1
  7. Ghouls of Leningrad
  8. In Memory of the Fallen


Whilst it maybe a little polished for some tastes, Descent into Genocide is nevertheless a good, solid record that the currently thriving UK Black metal scene can justifiably be proud of. It shows great progression from the debut, Blood on Snow and rather than just employing an orthodox Black Metal sound, the wider spectrum of Doom, Death Metal, Classical and even a hint of Folk present on this album shows a willingness to develop and experiment, something I'd like to see explored much further on any future recordings. - 4/5