Ebola - III (CD)

Ebola - III (CD)

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Beautiful, sad melodies... screams... ethnic instruments that imagine the nature like Suibokuga... Fusion with Chinese and Yamato symphony... Chinese style of depressive black metal band EBOLA's 3rd full-length album completed here from Oita, Japan.


Track listing

  1. 朝霧 - Asagiri
  2. 九重 - Kokonoe
  3. 由布 - Yuhu
  4. 立石 - Tateishi
  5. 鶴見 - Tsurumi
  6. 直川 - Naokawa
  7. 山香 - Yamaga
  8. 大神 - Oga
  9. 末広 - Suehiro