Egoist - Ultra Selfish Revolution (CD)

Egoist - Ultra Selfish Revolution (CD)

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Besides some solos from Patrick Mameli of PESTILENCE and C-187 fame, a maniac from Poland named Stanislaw Wolonciej recorded and produced the album Ultra-Selfish Revolution himself, under the name EGOIST, and that included writing and performing all of the music himself. And what does this music sound like? Well, take the off-time tempo, crunch and clean-tone moments of MESHUGGAH and add prog metal influences and sound effects from outer space, and always clean and supremely confident vocals over the top, and you have something approximating what EGOIST does on this, the second release. Fat, downtuned riffs pile up, ready to slap upside the head anyone who foolishly isn't paying attention. Melodies and harmonies with large helpings of reverb and texture weave an enveloping cloud that will give any prog rock enthusiast something to get excited about. And throughout it all EGOIST keeps moving, not content to ride any one set of ideas for too long before expanding and growing and tugging you along for the ride.
For fans of MESHUGGAH, Nyia, Mike Patton, RADIOHEAD and KING CRIMSON.


Track listing

  1. The Rest Will Follow
  2. Lifeless Love/Loveless Life
  3. On
  4. Just Ones
  5. These Strange Things
  6. Near Warm Fireplace
  7. (Not) The End
  8. Bright Shift


I didn't know quite what to make of this one when I first saw a rather dapper-looking Stanislas on the cover, but I must admit to having been pulled in upon first listen. There are a lot of interesting ideas crammed into the relatively short tracks. I wouldn't be surprised to see this disc find a niche with a younger prog audience. - 4/5