Ehlder - Nordabetraktelse (CD)

Ehlder - Nordabetraktelse (CD)

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Put more directly and indirectly, as Graavehlder explains, what LÖNNDOM awoke has been passed on into the spirit of EHLDER, instilling the idea that there's always two ways to look upon a tree: you have the visible part above ground and then the part that isn't visible, which you know to exist, so you have to acknowledge them both without deceiving yourself. Proudly pagan in outlook, EHLDER has thus been forming itself for many years through adversities, through ancestors, through time and the idea of what lies ahead. In his estimation, Graavehlder has only borrowed tunes and words that've already been written in one way or another, but it's been interpreted into EHLDER and the band's first public recording, Nordabetraktelse. This is the platform for EHLDER to release the animal within, to hail the fire, animals, spirits, brothers and sisters, pride, family, and heritage. This is the old reborn anew.


Track listing

  1. Stridskall
  2. Ändlös
  3. Döden i en döende kropp
  4. Hedningadrapa
  5. Gammelmod
  6. Tagen
  7. Varerytm i Varganord

Review of the most impressive debuts I've heard in a long while, but then again Graavehlder is no rookie, and Nordabetraktelse is as mature a record as they come. The prevailing theme of the album is one of pride and strength, and the pulse and beats of the songs really resonate on a deeper level with me. The sense of belonging and familiarity is strong even though the music is filled with jagged edges and hostility. - 5/5