Ehnahre - Taming the Cannibals (Digipak CD)

Ehnahre - Taming the Cannibals (Digipak CD)

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An immense new disc from EHNAHRE that heads even further "out" than their previous album; it's highly recommended to fans of the furthest extremes of avant garde death metal and doom, DISEMBOWELMENT, PHLEBOTOMIZED, DEMILICH, STARKWEATHER, GORGUTS, PAN.THY.MONIUM, PORTAL, and the heavier moments of KAYO DOT's earlier recordings. The disc comes in a four-panel digipack with an eight page booklet.


Track listing

  1. The Clatterbones
  2. Foehn (Lullaby)
  3. Animals
  4. Birth-Dues
  5. Revelation and Decline
  6. Birth


This is metal at its most deconstructed, unconventional and challenging - a big "fuck you" to conventional death metal and, perhaps, any type of traditional heavy music. - 4/5