Einherjer - Dragons of the North XX (Digipak CD)

Einherjer - Dragons of the North XX (Digipak CD)

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To mark the 20th anniversary, EINHERJER re-record their debut album.

Dragons of the North was originally released in 1996, the golden era for Norwegian extreme metal. Recorded in legendary Grieghallen Studio in Bergen, a matrix of legendary metal bands at the time. Written and recorded with unspoiled creativity, it was innovative and a fresh breath in the scene. Revisiting this album 20 years later, it still feels fresh and unique. A cult classic for the older generation, and a hidden gem for new fans of viking metal.


Track listing

  1. Dragons of the North
  2. Dreamstorm
  3. Forever Empire
  4. Conquerer
  5. Fimbul Winter
  6. Storms of the Elder
  7. Slaget ved Hafrsfjord
  8. Ballad of the Swords
  9. After the Storm


The experience that Frode and Gerhard accumulated for all these years is the differential that makes this new version superior to the previous one. Just listen to the excellent technical work and fine guitars on "Dragons of the North" (excellent technical work, indeed), the amazing Viking rage show on the clear melodies of "Dreamstorm" (with very good clean Viking vocals presented in some parts and great solos), the great technique shown by bass guitars and drums on "Conquerer" and "Fimbul Winter" (and very good bitter shrieked vocals and some heathen backing vocals), the epic and complex "Slaget ved Hafrsfjord", and the amazing "Ballad of the Swords", and you'll understand what I mean. "Dragons of the North XX" is a great release, and hope that EINHERJER keeps on with their outstanding musical work. - 5/5