Einherjer - Norrone spor (CD)

Einherjer - Norrone spor (CD)

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The legendary pioneers of viking metal, EINHERJER, have carried out their vision for more than two decades. The band was there when Norwegian extreme metal grew forth and took shape as an enormous cultural export. Only 4 years after their Norwegian Grammy-nominated masterpiece "Av Oss, For Oss" and 2 years after "Dragons Of The North XX", the band comes back with a smasher! The band will release their ninth full-length titled "Norrøne Spor" on November 9, and the record's first single and music video "Spre Vingene" is already available! EINHERJER's Norse heritage is a phenomenon that reaches far beyond what one can hear alone. It is an amalgamation of the mystique and sagas of old, of songs and poems, of woodcutting and sword grinding and the vikings merciless way of life. It's a cultural patchwork that fills the consciousness with the brutal majesty of the Nordic nature, the elemental strain, of mighty longships plowing the black seas to reach unknown shores. The wisdom of the gods and their Valhalla. Of cultural encounters and trade. Of violence and brutality. Of tough men in a tough time. Their hometown Haugesund also rings with historic sound, and from their own shores on the west coast of Norway the influence of the Vikings stretched towards the sea and the world beyond. The adventurers, pioneers, poets and craftsmen have inspired EINHERJER to go their own way. The Vikings' courage and boldness have inspired us to never compromise EINHERJER's vision: A vision that is a unique, self-made, original and modern interpretation of our mighty Nordic heritage.


Track listing

  1. The Spirit of a Thousand Years
  2. Mine våpen mine ord
  3. Fra konge te narr
  4. Kill the Flame
  5. Mot vest
  6. Spre vingene
  7. The Blood Song
  8. Døden tar ingen fangar
  9. Tapt uskyld
  10. Av djupare røtter


Norrøne spor has a bit more of an old-school vibe whilst simultaneously sounding very polished (the best of both worlds!) and there's a good amount of energy to it, giving it a strong driving force as the band progresses from one track to the next. - 4/5