Electric Wizard - Pre-Electric Wizard 1989-1994 (CD)

Electric Wizard - Pre-Electric Wizard 1989-1994 (CD)

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A collection of recordings from bands that would eventually lead towards the formation of the now legendary ELECTRIC WIZARD!

Eternal: complete 1993 demo Lucifer's Children.

Thy Grief Eternal: complete 1992 demo ...on Blackened Wings.

Lord of Putrefaction: complete 1990 demo Wings over a Black Funeral which was also released as a split 12" with MORTAL REMAINS in 1991.


Track listing

  1. Eternal - Magickal Childe
  2. Eternal - Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)
  3. Eternal - Lucifer's Children
  4. Eternal - Chrono-naut (Phase I-IV)
  5. Thy Grief Eternal - Swathed in Black
  6. Thy Grief Eternal - On Blackened Wings
  7. Thy Grief Eternal - Outro
  8. Lord of Putrefaction - Descent
  9. Lord of Putrefaction - Wings over a Black Funeral
  10. Lord of Putrefaction - At the Cemetary Gates
  11. Lord of Putrefaction - Dark Prayers