Emanation - Under Magnetic Sleep (LP)

Emanation - Under Magnetic Sleep (LP)

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The occult and esoteric knowledge appear regularly in the history of ideas alongside more established academic disciplines. Particularly fascinating are the periods of rapid scientific advances and epochs of high mortality, such as the Renaissance or the XIX century which also see a burgeoning of interest iin the paranormal among the educated elite. EMANATION provides a new approach to the phenomena through a concept based on Spiritism and the research of the pioneers such as Nicola Tesla, Allan Kardec, Attila V. Szalay, K. Raudive, Charles r. Richet, E. Senkowsky, William Crokes... at a metaphysical level. Science and religion. Facts and faith.


Track listing

  1. Under Magnetic Sleep
  2. Cryptograms of Larval Desire
  3. Quintessential Ectenic Psychode