Emancer - Twilight and Randomness (Digipak CD)

Emancer - Twilight and Randomness (Digipak CD)

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Progressive black metal from Norway with elements of melancholy and aggression. Dreamy tirades with obsessional melodic vocals supported by ingenious samples and keyboard are alternated by black metal melodic storm with brutal vocal. In their methods Emancer are very original and they can make unrepeatable atmosphere.


Track listing

  1. Randomness
  2. Dice Man
  3. The Beast Attacks
  4. The Pointing Finger
  5. Comfort Fix
  6. Twilight
  7. Cunning Vital Guardian
  8. Moron
  9. The Rewarding Schemes
  10. Winged Omniscience


There is a whole lot to digest in the album, going through the atmospheric rock from a bygone era on The Pointing Finger, the bass heavy The Rewarding Schemes, the pure black metal fury of Comfort Fix, to the quietly emotional piano and keyboard on Twilight. The mastery of each individual song is undisputed... - 5/5