Emit - A Sword of Death for the Prince (CD)

Emit - A Sword of Death for the Prince (CD)

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After re-presenting old demos and recordings, EMIT invokes and reveals a new album!! The sample alludes to a sound close to the genius "Unknown Presences Whisper" demo... prepare for a new audio journey that delves deep within!
Unleashed is the black ritual of Emit. Descriptions are not worthy the embryo of death that dwells within these tracks. This is the debut full-length album, and is by far the most complete work to date. Booklet comes with all lyrics, and words from the Unknown I. The voices from within EMIT is calling on you.


Track listing

  1. Herald the Dawn with Your Offerings
  2. Nitimur in Vetitum
  3. Utlag, Avenger, Spiritual Scourge of Deformity
  4. Sinister Obliteration of Human Humus (Raw Hermetic Materials)
  5. Where God's Shadow Resides
  6. Sorrow and Suffering Beget Triumph (Amaka Hahina Interpretation)
  7. Echoes of Mass Murder, the Dark Bleeding
  8. Outro - Into the Black Waters...