Emit - The Mysterious Unknown ...Revealed... (Cassette)

Emit - The Mysterious Unknown ...Revealed... (Cassette)

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Finally a chance to glance into the past of the Evil Genius EMIT!!!!! Released by the original outlet for EMIT and other UK hellhordes - Moors Murders. This tape presents not only the very first demo The Mysterious Unknown but also from the second tape Bolgenmod AND the third tape Solipsistic Culmination (never released)!!!
EMIT is ritualistic Black Noise of pain, suffering and hate!!


Track listing

  1. Untitled 1
  2. Untitled 2
  3. Untitled 3
  4. Those About To Die (Live)
  5. Untitled (Live)
  6. Torture Session Excerpt 1998
  7. Black Noise (Outro)
  8. Eerie Messages
  9. Stained Floorboards
  10. Leave Me in Peace / Lead Me To the Place
  11. Those That Linger On
  12. Marianne
  13. Silence That Rotted Away
  14. Unaware She's Dead