Emit / Vrolok - The Divine Eye: Musikalisches Opfer / Pestilence 1440 (CD)

Emit / Vrolok - The Divine Eye: Musikalisches Opfer / Pestilence 1440 (CD)

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Long delayed split now finally available! With The Divine Eye: Musikalisches Opfer EMIT offers eight recordings - offerings to the Divine Eye, through which You will glipse "it's" Will manifested in the material world. Chaos and spiritual, mystic, this feels a less aggressive but equally obscure, creative, intriguing and compelling release compared with other recent EMIT titles! VROLOK offer five recordings made between May 2003 and January 2005, representing the first and last collaborations between D. and Lurker (TOIL, OLD OAK). These first and last recordings were one-takes and were not originally intended for release!


Track listing

  1. Emit - The Desolate Song of Sekhmet
  2. Emit - Infinite Lucidity
  3. Emit - Death's Black Diadem
  4. Emit - Misguided Desires
  5. Emit - Herald of the Master Builder
  6. Emit - Falling in Disarray
  7. Emit - Manifesting Through Me
  8. Emit - Iconoclastic Renaissance
  9. Vrolok - Hellchoir (Pestilence 1440)
  10. Vrolok - Black Chemical Waltz
  11. Vrolok - Heresy Divine
  12. Vrolok - Inverse Devotion
  13. Vrolok - Between the Astral Shades