Emma's Mine - Sonora (Digipak CD)

Emma's Mine - Sonora (Digipak CD)

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American experimental shoegaze and ambient. Released in 2006 and their final recording.


Track listing

  1. In Like a Lion
  2. March
  3. Blackbird
  4. Epileptic Daydreams
  5. Sanidar
  6. Silver Plate for Two
  7. Dear Amelie
  8. post.script.run
  9. In Light of a Crisis
  10. Shrubs Among Trees


To compliment the range of music written by the band, lead singer Scott Chaput’s impressive voice and stirring lyrics give the band serious and professional credibility. All these components combine to form a sound that will have you rocking, pondering, and singing along all at the same time. - 4/5