Enchantment - Cold Soul Embrace (LP) Enchantment - Cold Soul Embrace (LP)

Enchantment - Cold Soul Embrace (LP)

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ENCHANTMENT are a death / doom metal band originating from the U.K. and were first formed way back in 1993 in the midst of the UK death / doom metal scene alongside the likes of PARADISE LOST, ANATHEMA and MY DYING BRIDE. In that year they released a self-funded demo A Tear for Young Eloquence and were subsequently signed by Century Media Records before recording and releasing their debut album Dance The Marble Naked in early 1994. The band played alongside many great death metal bands from that era including BOLT THROWER, ANATHEMA, CANCER and CRADLE OF FILTH before unfortunately disbanding the following year in 1995. However, all this was not before they had already written (but not studio recorded) almost an entire second album. Fast forward nearly 25 years, and with the reissue of their debut album on vinyl for the first time (and after numerous successful reissues earlier on CD) the band have now officially regrouped.

In 2020 the band started the unenviable task of resurrecting all the original rehearsal tapes and lyrical content from that lost second album and started working on demoing the tracks. It is unknown if any other similar band can claim to have written almost a full album in the heyday of the British death / doom metal scene and for it to have never been recorded or released. Yet nearly 28 years to the day exactly that Dance The Marble Naked was first released way back in 1994, the band are now about to finally release their long awaited sophomore album Cold Soul Embrace in 2022. This release is like no-other and is somewhat of a time capsule! It is the closest representation of Enchantment during the U.K. death metal scene circa mid 1994 to 1995 and the scene will finally get to hear it in full.


Track listing

  1. As Greed as the Eye Beholds
  2. A Swanlike Duet
  3. Painting Amongst the Feathers
  4. Of Glorious Vistas Forgot
  5. The Wake of the Hollering Tide
  6. In a Cello-Felt Glare
  7. The Beauty of Liars
  8. One Jump of the Sun