Entombed - Left Hand Path (CD) Entombed - Left Hand Path (CD)

Entombed - Left Hand Path (CD)

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Here burns the souls of a thousand generations

Recorded in December of 1989 with songs dating back to NIHILIST (87)! Left Hand Path is an essential, monstrous piece of European death metal! Perfection.


Track listing

  1. Left Hand Path
  2. Drowned
  3. Revel in Flesh
  4. When Life Has Ceased
  5. Supposed to Rot
  6. But Life Goes On
  7. Bitter Loss
  8. Morbid Devourment
  9. Abnormally Deceased
  10. The Truth Beyond
  11. Carnal Leftovers
  12. Premature Autopsy


Carried by some excellent songwriting (see the last few minutes of the title track for a very good example), this release is one that has lasting value. Any Death Metal fan who is not in possession of this fine debut is lacking, as this is an album one will value years to come from purchasing it. That, for me, is the true measure of great music. Trends may come and go, and have their fans, but at the end of the day, what album do you think ENTOMBED fans want to hear songs off of? The answer is evident... - 5/5