Entombed - Wolverine Blues (CD) Entombed - Wolverine Blues (CD)

Entombed - Wolverine Blues (CD)

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ENTOMBED's third studio album.


Track listing

  1. Eyemaster
  2. Rotten Soil
  3. Wolverine Blues
  4. Demon
  5. Contempt
  6. Full of Hell
  7. Blood Song
  8. Hollowman
  9. Heavens Die
  10. Out of Hand


Clearly, a lot can be made of Entombed's bold venture into new musical territory with Wolverine Blues, and you can bet metalheads will debate the album's stylistic merits for years to come. What's beyond argument, though, is that Wolverine Blues is the third impressive effort in a row by one of the best metal bands of the early '90s, and as impressive as the past two albums were, this one is by far the most inviting and most deserving of widespread recognition. - 5/5