Erebus Enthroned - Night's Black Angel (CD)

Erebus Enthroned - Night's Black Angel (CD)

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A ceremony of sinister magick before the heart of the great adversary!

Behold! A funeral whirlwind of chthonian darkness made manifest within the belly of the dragon.
Bled dry into the devils chalice flow nine sinister canticles of cruel black art. A new flame of Australian black metal rises with sinister force in 2011 with their debut album, a mesmerizing ode to evil.
Jewel Case 16 page booklet with original artwork by Balam of PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS.


Track listing

  1. Enthroning the Harbinger of Death
  2. Pillar of Fallen Flesh
  3. Nil (Solve non Coagula)
  4. Horns of Severity
  5. Blackwinged
  6. Virus
  7. Zealotry in Death
  8. Temple of Dispersion
  9. Night's Black Angel