Erudite Stoner - Erudite Stoner (Digipak CD)

Erudite Stoner - Erudite Stoner (Digipak CD)

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First released in 2015, this is the first time ERUDITE STONER's eponymous debut is available on a physical format.

Written in moments of late night reflection, these pieces are not of the night but more of dusk and sunrise. There is a tangible quality to the recording, a realness which simultaneously conjures the stately cathedrals of POPUL VUH's Herzog soundtracks and the fuzzed-out isolation of lo-fi introspection.
Novaes has stated that his goal as a musician is to provide a moment for contemplation and self-knowledge, a trip through subconscious memories of all that ever held melancholic resonance. ERUDITE STONER revels in a bittersweet pre-apocalyptic optimism of the supremacy of the soul which is particularly moving in media-heightened times of perpetual unrest.


Track listing

  1. Spiritual Deliverance
  2. Alienist
  3. Ride to Nowhere
  4. Far Away From City's Walls
  5. There is No Home
  6. Waiting for the Storm
  7. Sand Path
  8. Roads to Somewhere
  9. Left Behind