Eschaton - Unshaken (CD)

Eschaton - Unshaken (CD)

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Traditional epic black metal from Athens, only their second album since 2001!


Track listing

  1. Outside
  2. Lightless Skies
  3. When Time Is Undone
  4. The First Rebellion
  5. Thirsty as One Can Be
  6. Victa Iacet Virtus


The Unshaken album comes from the Greek underground and by a band with much experience in Black Metal, Eschaton. Eschaton, after some changes in their formation, they consist of two members, they were formed in 2001 and apart from Unshaken, they have released two demos, two split albums, one EP and one more full length album. This album contains six tracks which combine the melodic, fast, Scandinavian sound with the old Greek one while the influences from the classic Heavy Metal sound are evident. - 5/5