Et Verbi Sathanus - Satanae Pater Sanguinariv (Cassette)

Et Verbi Sathanus - Satanae Pater Sanguinariv (Cassette)

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The utterly savage first full-length unholy cannonade initially unleashed in '13 after a handful of demos and splits in the black death realm from this bestial black / death metal hecatomb, now gets the cassette manifestation. This is the abyssal desecration of Suramerican metal under Satan's mandate which pays homage to the extremely evil, raw and aggressive sound of hordes like SARCOFAGO, ABHORER, ARCHGOAT, BESTIAL WARLUST & BLASPHEMY! Strictly limited to 113 hand-numbered copies on pro-tape with new cover artwork / layout! Death and black metal devotees out of the dirtiest underground crypt should definitely get this to destroy your weak stereos!!


Track listing

  1. Mutilation, Genocide, Pestilence
  2. Satan Warlike
  3. No Man's Land
  4. Biological War
  5. Profaner of God's Books
  6. Destroy the Temple
  7. Mandate of Satan
  8. Cannon
  9. Suplicame el pecado
  10. To the Battle or Die
  11. Satanae Pater Sanguinariv