Evangelion - Sacro Macello (Digisleeve CD)

Evangelion - Sacro Macello (Digisleeve CD)

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In 1998, heavily influenced by the eerie charisma of the early second Black Metal wave and by the gloomy dignity of Doom Metal aswell, Evangelion began to write the music who could best fit the atmosphere of the lyrical ideas about historical religious wars.
By 1999 Evangelion had a couple of nearly completed songs and a lot of riffs and melodies for some more songs. Due to the lack of adequate musicians in the Engadin (a lone valley in Switzerland) that time, Evangelion recorded the riffs, melodies and particular rhythm patterns on MiniDisc for a future use.
With time passing by, Evangelion was involved in other musical bands and projects and went on writing different material and those ideas and demos were forgotten and disappeared in the archives.
...until 2016, when Evangelion rediscovered the lyric sheets and MiniDiscs with the recorded ideas. After nearly 20 years, and with the help of some friends, the time has finally come to present some of these songs to those who are seeking for music still breathing the spirit of the 90ies!
Be prepared for a full old-school dose of Melodic Black Metal in the vein of Dissection and Unanimated! And prepare your black candles for an Epic Doomed mass! EVANGELION will bring you the Sacred Butchery!


Track listing

  1. Sacro Macello
  2. Signum Sanguis
  3. Proclamation