Evil - Ashes of Old (Digipak CD) Evil - Ashes of Old (Digipak CD)

Evil - Ashes of Old (Digipak CD)

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20th anniversary album featuring songs composed between 1994 and 2013.


Track listing

  1. The Return of Darkest Wolves (Intro) / When the Pillars of Heaven Will Fall
  2. In the Bottomless Pit
  3. Medieval Spells in the Ancient Vastlands / Triumph of Sword
  4. Gates to Oblivion
  5. The Wolf Order
  6. Ashes of Old


This is a very powerful and fierce release, cold as ice, reflecting all anger and indignation that possess this band. Evil is not the kind of band that creates childish spooky music, but real sorrowful and infuriated symphonies. Ashes of Old is, in my modest view, a great way to get to know the work of this serious and utterly interesting Black Metal band. - 5/5