Evil Incarnate - Waiting for His Return (LP)

Evil Incarnate - Waiting for His Return (LP)

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After over 4 years of silence, EVIL INCARNATE has returned to strike the earth with bloodshed. All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem. Death metal propaganda inspired by infernal legions such as POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, DEATH, and CELTIC FROST. Embrace the Devil's music as EVIL INCARNATE lead the people to Satan, lead them to hell and burn them!


Track listing

  1. Waiting for His Return
  2. Into Hands of Sinners
  3. Temple of Blasphemy
  4. Forced Inside Your Church
  5. Did Not Die for Me
  6. Terror in the Holy Land (9-11)
  7. Piece by Piece (Slayer cover)
  8. Tormentor (Destruction cover)