Evoked Curse - Merciless Revenge (CD)

Evoked Curse - Merciless Revenge (CD)

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Finnish blackened thrash metal. Compilation CD collecting: Merciless Revenge cdr demo, Metal on Metal comp track, Outburst of Hell demo tape, Altar of Sodomy demo tape.


Track listing

  1. Evoked Apocalypse
  2. Merciless Revenge
  3. Sadistic Savage
  4. Morbid Outrage
  5. The Day of Metal Inquisition
  6. Whiplashing Metal
  7. Outburst of Hell
  8. Bonebreaking and Skullcrushing
  9. Intro - The Curse
  10. Evil Sacrifice
  11. Corpsepaint, Leather & Spikes
  12. Impale Heaven's Virgins
  13. Altars of Sodomy
  14. Anal Kiss of Hell
  15. Verilöyly
  16. Outro: Haistakaa Paska