Exodus - Shovel Headed Tour Machine (DVD)

Exodus - Shovel Headed Tour Machine (DVD)

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Exodus caught live at Wacken in Germany on their 2008 world tour. 2DVD package includes a complete Documentary DVD, "Assorted Atrocities".

Special Features

  • Over an Hour of Deleted Scenes
  • Rare Live Performances
  • Music Videos
  • Vintage Interview from 1986
  • Trailers
  • Photo Gallery


Track listing

  1. Bonded By Blood
  2. Iconoclasm
  3. Funeral Hymn
  4. A Lesson in Violence
  5. Children of a Worthless God
  6. Piranha
  7. Deathamphetamine
  8. Blacklist
  9. War is My Shepherd
  10. Strike of the Beast
  11. Shovel Headed Kill Machine