Exquisite Ending - The Pain of Passing, I Embrace (Cassette)

Exquisite Ending - The Pain of Passing, I Embrace (Cassette)

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Hideous, murky, dirging black metal corroded with all the unclean desolation of a charnel ground in the lifeless wasteland of an eternal winter, sure to engulf the psyche in a miasma of sorrow and cursed melancholy, with its fuzzed out, shrill, icy guitars, deeply unhinged, malevolent shrieking and oppressive battery, alongside some surprising and captivating moments of beauty featuring heart wrenching clean singing.


Track listing

  1. The Prelude to Suffering
  2. The Birth of Regret
  3. Foster Vengeful Longing
  4. The People's Temple of Pogrom
  5. The Fall of Tranquility
  6. Through Coagulated Clouds
  7. Necrotizing Reconstruction
  8. Within the Dark Sorrow
  9. The Cruciatus of Julia
  10. A Mausolium of Marrow and Loathing