Exsequor - For the Fallen (CD-R)

Exsequor - For the Fallen (CD-R)

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Epic English medieval black metal! All music and lyrics by Celentium, sessions drums by Anil Carrier of BINAH.


Track listing

  1. Ante Mortem
  2. Fyrdmann
  3. Oubliette
  4. Pastoralis Praeeminentiar


Celentium is back, with a real drummer, a more professional sound, and ultimately a better selection of songs. Always epic, but this time around better able to shape it into effective black metal, this demo represents a fine sample of Exsequor's sound and is proof positive that there's much talent here waiting to be released. Something of a theme runs through the four songs here, linked by tales of Medieval-era tragedy, the feelings of sorrow and anger clear. Satyricon is named as an influence, but I found more of an Enslaved feel to opener Ante Mortem with its swirling melodies and snarled vocals, moving into the band's own original territory as it continues with the keyboards taking the helm atop some nicely technical drumwork, ending on a high after some stylish guitar leadwork. Fyrdmann turns towards viking territory a little, keeping the keyboards and drums high in the mix and slowing the pace for an even more grandiose, funereal tone. Oubliette is more blasting and fast, discliplined drums and a mournful tone giving the song a Ukrainian feel, and finale Pastoralis Praeeminentiae makes rather wonderful use of clean vocals, with the 'male choir'-style epic keyboards making for quite a spinechilling finish. - 5/5