Extinction - Down Below the Fog (CD)

Extinction - Down Below the Fog (CD)

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Re-release of the cult demo recorded in the diabolical Summer of 2001, originally limited to 50 tapes. This CD reissue captures a new, highest quality version of the recording and can now be played at apocalyptic levels. Each track was re-mixed and re-mastered during winter 2005 through early 2006.

Down Below the Fog is the Black Metal essence of Extinction where The Black Hex is the spontaneous ritual of Vuel.
Eight tracks of unrestrained, discordant, obscure, sometimes improvised Black Metal. A thick, heavy production creates a strong atmosphere that clings to every facet, drawing it down. Guitars whip up violent hypnotic vortexes of noise that expand endlessly, and Vuel's distinctive bestial vocals complete a truly Occult experience.
Presented on CD by Todestrieb Records, Down Below the Fog is finally available - fully realized - five years after recording.


Track listing

  1. Prologue
  2. The Fusion of Blood and Fire
  3. Down Below the Fog
  4. The Fall of the Blazing Red Sun
  5. In the Shadow of the Moon
  6. Incomprehensible Darkness
  7. In the Eye of the Great Beast
  8. Epilogue


Extinction rips through some seriously trance inducing hymns that strand you in a cold and desolate northern landscape. Now that I have experienced the uncaring void that is Extinction, I think I will be searching for more of this lifeless emptiness to paint the blackness in my heart even darker shade of Hate and Despair. - 5/5