Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust in Your Head (2011 Reissue) (CD)

Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust in Your Head (2011 Reissue) (CD)

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Includes the 1989 LP and the ENT side of the 1989 split with FILTHKICK, In It for Life!

Classic debut from 1989, extreme hardcore from Ipswich! Influenced by DISCHARGE, ANTI CIMEX and ANTISECT, ENT created the extreme hardcore punk sound (grindcore) of the 80's along with NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS and others.

Video below of ENT live here in Ipswich, playing at the old Caribbean Club on Woodbridge Road. Taken from the John Peel documentary Suffolk Comfort.


Track listing

  1. Deceived
  2. The Helpless
  3. Bullshit Propaganda
  4. Fucked Up System
  5. No Threat
  6. Show Us You Care
  7. Use Your Mind
  8. Innocence to Ignorance
  9. Conned Through Life
  10. Murder
  11. Take the Strain
  12. Another Nail in the Coffin
  13. Raping the Earth
  14. If You're Only in It for the Music (S.O.D. Off)
  15. Intro
  16. In it for Life
  17. Subliminal Music Mind Control
  18. Work for Never
  19. Punk: Fact or Fiction?
  20. Cruelty to Carnivores
  21. Damaging Noise


Holocaust in My Head, a reissue of that epochal debut album with the added poisons of the extra songs off both the Are You That Desperate EP and In It For Life split record and what you have is an essential piece of hardcore/crust/grind that must be a part of everybody's collection. It's perfect for anybody who is just now getting around to blowing out their eardrums to ENT or for those who just want to have all the songs from their first three "proper" official releases all on one disc. - 4/5